Forward-thinking visuals and a confident statement for financial clearing.


8 Point Studio was asked to rebrand the financial world's leading international clearinghouse. Tasked with creating a new identity for the "traffic controllers" of the financial world, 8PTS designed a brand that emphasizes thoughtful innovation along with greater financial efficiencies. LCH has gone from being perceived as a trusted but overly-conservative necessity in the marketplace to being celebrated as the international market's most visionary partner. 

8 Point Studio drove the branding process from beginning to end collaborating with typographer, Sinead Madden, on the final LCH word mark. We developed an editorial-style illustration approach that differentiates LCH from the competition (no canned stock photography here) and demonstrates LCH's ability to solve complex problems with clarity, warmth, and a charming human touch. With our help, LCH has differentiated themselves from the competition through the power of design, and they continue to pull ahead within the market.