Our Children's Trust

Brand development and website for a global organization working to secure children’s climate rights.

  • $150k+ raised after impact report launch on Giving Tuesday
  • 358 pieces of global media coverage told the story of Held from trial to decision

Our Children’s Trust is the only non-profit public interest law firm providing strategic, campaign-based legal services to youth from diverse backgrounds to secure their constitutional legal rights to a safe climate. Our Children’s Trust advocates on behalf of youth and future generations for legally-binding, science-based climate recovery policies.

On the heels of a historic win in favor of the youth in the case Held v. Montana (covered extensively in The New York Times) Our Children’s Trust approached 8PTS to help them refine their overall visual branding, build an engaging impact report and generate micro-sites for current cases underway, including Held v. Montana and Navahine v. Hawai’i DOT.

The site is beautiful. It was such a feat to pull together, and was so critically important to the success of the settlement announcement in Hawai’i. We can never thank you all enough for the mountain of work to get there.

Emily Goetz, Chief Communications Officer

The team at 8PTS worked to strategically enhance the visual system. We clarified proper logo usage, selected a new more confident, youthful typeface and adjusted typographic hierarchy to generate increased visual impact. We expanded the color palette to include stronger, more contemporary moments of contrast and visual energy.

8PTS also designed a sub-brand approach for the Navahine v. Hawai’i DOT case, developing new typography, a location-specific color palette and distinct illustrations that connect to the unique Hawaiian environment while simultaneously remaining aligned to the overall Our Children’s Trust brand.

8PTS also developed an in-depth site structure for the Montana case that can be applied to future cases. The site organizes the deep and complex information around the Montana case into a clear and engaging story easily accessible to site visitors.

For the Hawaii case, we designed an extensive campaign including social media posts and t-shirts exclaiming “Defend the land. Care for the land. Love the land.” In both Hawaiian and English.