Design for investment
in people and the planet.

We help brands inspire community, growth and sustainability.

8 Point Studio

Empowering socially responsible investment.

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Branding for a leading vc firm fueling financial inclusion.

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A multi-dimensional promotion for carefully managed growth.

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Celebrating the diverse partnerships that strengthen communities.

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Concept-driven financial imagery that engages and attracts.

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A vibrant identity for a program increasing diversity.

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Playbook-inspired communications to help companies ramp revenue.

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A unified vision supporting inclusive communities across America.

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We are designing the future of investment. Our clients are shaping new ways for people and the planet to thrive and prosper.

Quona Capital Fueling Inclusive Fintech Cortlandt Group Collaborative Wealth Creation Aduco Nature-Based Healing LISC NYC Local Community Development

From thoughtful evaluation of our brand goals, to navigating the complexities of a global firm and multiple time zones, 8PTS flawlessly executed a new brand for Quona.

Shannon Austin, Head of Global Communications, Quona