Updated branding to champion investment in an inclusive New York City.

  • More than doubled gross and net event proceeds
  • Raised $425,800 gross proceeds in 2018, up from $244,078 in 2016

LISC NYC is dedicated to helping low-income neighborhoods become healthy communities of choice – great places to live, do business, work and raise families. Extremely successful in their work, LISC NYC struggled to communicate the clarity and vibrancy of their mission – often getting lost in oversharing the complex details behind urban community development. LISC asked 8PTS to help clarify their mission language and design key materials to communicate the refined and revised mission to the public.

For multiple years LISC NYC has also asked 8PTS to brand their biggest annual event, the Big Apple Innovation Awards. 8PTS has brought spirited, confident visuals to these important fundraising celebrations. The consistent goal has been to increase fundraising and event attendance. With 8PTS branding, the event has more than doubled proceeds from 2016 to 2018 and continues to grow in popularity and funds raised.

8 Point Studio’s expertise in integrated event communications is invaluable. Their strategic designs express the event mission, attract sponsors, and inspire our partners and attendees.

Eva Alligood, Deputy Director, LISC NYC

8PTS conducted an initial communications audit and reviewed LISC NYC’s brand language with key stakeholders. We took statements that were lengthy and dry and shifted them to become more personal, direct and active. Three key phrases were generated to clarify what LISC NYC specifically contributes to communities and three corresponding supporting statements describe how LISC NYC provides distinctive assistance.

After tightening the key mission statements, 8PTS designed collateral pieces to share the new brand story with communities and supporters. We helped select vibrant imagery focused on proud community members and generated a vivid color palette that celebrates the powerful energy created through true community investment.

Utilizing thoughtful typography and vibrant collage, we have repeatedly helped LISC NY communicate community-based celebration and attract more and more attendees to their growing event.

Jen Roos, Founder & Creative Director, 8PTS