LISC National

A consistent brand system to support inclusive communities of opportunity across America.

8PTS helps our impact clients stay on brand so they can make an even bigger impact on the world. The 8PTS team strategized a comprehensive brand guidelines and supporting communications for LISC National and their 35+ US offices that helps keep everyone on track with a unified voice and vision as LISC works to support local communities across the US.

8PTS created a visual identity that reflects the optimism of our mission and impact of our work that we will build on going forward.

Michael Tang, Vice President, Communications, LISC National

8PTS was asked to help refine LISC’s new logo and generate extensive guidelines that would bring clarity to the complex new brand system launch across all national offices. 8PTS outlined, wrote and designed the Brand Guideline document while helping to further develop and refine LISC National’s visual communications strategy across the board.

8PTS also designed large-scale environmental graphics to energize and elevate LISC’s new downtown headquarters and office space. Creative use of quotes, imagery, statistics and information about the city and country will help LISC employees engage daily with their work environment, mission and the communities they support. 8PTS has used our extensive experience in environmental graphics (honed through past careers at Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum and Gensler) to propose unexpected, elegant solutions for LISC’s new office space.