Blackmaled Productions

Website and logo refresh for a media mogul bringing diverse stories to Hollywood.

Malcolm D. Lee’s Blackmaled Productions is a leading film and television company dedicated to telling diverse stories that contribute to changing and amplifying the narratives of people of color, and giving a voice to their stories. Malcolm D. Lee has been declared one of the top ten African-American Directors of the decade and has written, directed and produced multiple hit films over the course of an impressive 20 year career.

8PTS was hired to elevate the Blackmaled website with a full redesign, developed with 8PTS partners FAR Creative. The aim of the new site was to better reflect the stature of Malcolm’s widely celebrated body of work. The 8PTS team also refined the existing logo and developed animations to activate the mark.

The 8PTS-designed website highlights iconic scenes and the famous actors of color who are placed at the forefront of the user experience. Behind-the-scenes images of Malcolm directing have been incorporated in the navigation as a surprise for fans and to increase connection and engagement with the Blackmaled audience. Bold, warm serif typography on the site exudes the confidence and universal humanity Malcolm and the Blackmaled team have brought to Hollywood.  

8PTS was also asked to design a signature bumper animation for the Blackmaled Logo to introduce films and clips on instagram and social platforms. 8PTS activated the iconic graphics of the clapperboard, with strong black and white stripes as it dramatically animates into the frame from top and bottom. The brash clapper confidently claps closed and slides away to reveal the Blackmaled logo. The new bumper captures the energy and conviction of the Blackmaled brand, community of color and growing fan base.