Squash + Education Alliance

Branding to celebrate changing lives through athletic and academic support.

  • Raised $3.2 million at 25th Anniversary event
  • 1,200 attendees with 680 donations from individuals and families (one-third of whom are first-time donors)

8 Point Studioʼs founder, Jen Roos, grew up a top-ten nationally-ranked athlete in squash, designated the worldʼs healthiest sport. In 1995, Jenʼs lifelong friend Tim Wyant, also a leading national squash player, became one of the four founders of the Squash + Education Alliance, an organization established to support the growth of youth sport and educational programming for underserved communities and students.

The goal of SEA is to invest in underserved students on their pathway to college and post-graduate careers while increasing diversity in the intertwined worlds of sport and business.

8 Point Studio’s work was critical to the success of our 25th anniversary celebration. They created beautiful graphics and print materials that elevated the event and inspired all who were a part of it.

Tim Wyant, Executive Director, Squash & Education Alliance

8PTS worked with the administration and Board of the Squash + Education Alliance to guide renaming of the organization (originally NUSEA) and generated a successful new logo design and complete visual rebrand.

The rebrand has directed SEA to develop stronger photography, utilize careful writing and storytelling and execute bold typography in order to help spur major program growth. 8PTS has designed a short pitch book for the organization and provided branding for the 25th Anniversary celebration of Squash + Education programs, which have grown into an international phenomenon. The branding for the event helped bring in over 1200 attendees from across the world and raised over $3.2 million in support.

The 25th Anniversary visual system references through linear typography the dynamic movement in squash as well as the emerging pathways SEA students are taking to move ahead in life and leadership. The multi-lined, typographic tracks and gridded framework of the visual system nod to teamwork, woven racquet strings and the fabric of community working together to succeed.